Legal Expenses

"How can I control the cost of my legal work?"

Legal Cost

Please Note, the most effective way for you to control legal expense with respect to your transaction is to respond promptly, completely and accurately to all requests for information or requests for decisions made to you by our office. If it becomes necessary for us to repeatedly request essential information or if we have to repeat explanations it will have an impact on the legal cost, or if due to delays in obtaining information the transaction becomes urgent due to an imminent closing, we must charge for the additional time expended. You are more than welcome to take handwritten notes at meetings with us. You can make use of the online and other resources available on our website.

In addition, if you fail to attend scheduled appointments without notifying us at least 24 hours in advance or providing a reasonable explanation, we may make a charge for the missed appointment. We try as much as possible to accommodate requests for appointment times from clients. Once the time is allocated, other clients must take what remains. If you do not attend your appointment not only is another client who could have used the time inconvenienced, but we then have to reschedule your appointment. The time spent rescheduling is time not available to assist others and it is not fair to us to absorb the cost of unnecessarily duplicated work.